PFG Connected: A New Employee Brand


The Gist:

Presented to a live client – an established national company – a detailed plan explaining how to increase brand awareness and improving the brand image by creating and maintaining an internal employee brand.

The run-through:

  • The ask: present a plan that will grow the PFG brand, both internally and externally
  • Performance Food Group is separated into three divisions: Performance Foodservice, PFG Customized, and Vistar


  • Two areas needing improvement: lack of brand awareness & general brand confusion

  • Created PFG Connected, the new employee brand





  • Created a strategy for the employee brand:

Create an environment of equality and connection by facilitating company-wide engagement

  • Created an employee brand motto:


  • Created a set of employee brand values


  • To implement strategy, developed a three-pronged approach aimed at improving the company’s culture, technology, and marketing

  • To facilitate engagement, used levels of management as the ambassador between corporate and the other employees to avoid any instructions being viewed as simply lip service — This takes advantage of preexisting connections that were created by these employees having direct contact with each other on a daily basis


  • Created an employee handbook with everything there is to know about the new employee brand
  • Redesigned the trucks to include all of PFG's divisions so as to increase customer awareness of them


  • End result: the internal confusion and the ‘us vs. them’ mentality will subside, and be replaced by an individual drive to collaborate and help PFG grow, thus providing the opportunity for an increase in brand awareness and a stronger brand image



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Partners in Crime:

Basil Frye, Brand Manager
Daren Lifferth, Brand Manager
Jahan Nargolwala, Brand Manager
Adeel Shams, Brand Manager